Starting With The Small

by David Arredondo

It is when you are confused by the different (and sometimes conflicting) messages you get from your heart and mind that it is most difficult to observe the difference between your thoughts and feelings. In learning to clearly recognize what your heart and mind are saying, you must also be able to differentiate them from the mental content or thoughts with which they become confused – especially in a mitote.

In learning to do this, it is best to start with something easy and then work your way up to the more difficult issues. For example, your mind makes you believe that you need a cigarette to relax. Your body may be telling you that a cigarette might feel good right now, and that you should pull over and buy a pack. You are conflicted, because your heart – your emotional self – knows better. In a simple situation like this, your mind and your body are saying one thing, and your heart and your soul are saying something different.

The point here is not necessarily to help you stop smoking (although it will help if you do want to quit); the point is that you begin to be able to observe the differences between the four parts of your Tonal as they speak simultaneously.

Another example might be whether or not to eat dessert. Eating dessert is not the issue here; the question is, can you observe the different parts of your mind, heart, body and soul as they struggle to determine your behavior? By simply observing your impulses, you accomplish two things: One, you realize that they are not you; and second, you begin to gain mastery over them.

As you grow more and more adept at recognizing these different voices, you become the conductor rather than just one of the instruments being played. The potential of this personal power cannot be overstated and has applications in many aspects of life from modulation of your own moods to success in your relationships, performance at work, true creativity, effectiveness and joy.